Game details

  • Genre: Action Platformer
  • Rating: Teen
  • Singleplayer


  • Apple® iPhone™
  • Apple® iPod Touch™
  • Apple® iPad™
  • Microsoft® Windows™

Still a work in progress, this game matches stunning 3D art with engaging 2D platformer action, and brings an original and immersing story line.

You play as JD, a suffering young man who has had the toughest luck in life. You must help him travel through his own consciousness and fight his own demons, to awaken his inner power and become an agent of good.

He must regain his Chakras, and release his inner spirits, as he makes his way through a “dream world”, which is the result of thousands of years of past lives. You have to help JD redeem himself of his past actions, and bring balance to his spirit and those of the ones he loves.