Game details


What is it?

The Fair Play Challenge consists on a 3 day getaway, where we form small teams of 4 to 6 members, and bring our minds together to come up with great games.

On the final day of the activity we show off our awesome games with the other teams, and family and friends invited.

The Fair Play Challenge was designed to motivate our team and help explode our videogame design creativity, and most importantly, have a lot of fun while doing it!



Main Goal

  • Develop a completely functional and fun videogame prototype; in a way we can continue its development as a Fair Play Labs original title.

Secondary Goals

  • Foster the team’s videogame making creativity
  • Encourage team work and peoples commitment
  • Foster the team’s competitiveness



Fair Play Labs has had 2 Fair Play Challenges so far, each one of them giving amazing results.

Fair Play Labs very own Wackylands Boss was designed and brought to life from one of them.


Fair Play Challenge Photos