Game details

  • Genre: Action RPG
  • Rating: Everyone
  • Singleplayer


  • Nintendo® DS™


Ecovolution is an Action Adventure game for mobile platfoms for all audiences. This fun game entertains while delivering a positive message, as it submerges players into a world not very different from ours, where people are abusing Nature’s resources. But as Nature becomes progressively unbalanced, it starts reacting and becoming berserk.
This interesting story revolves around Nature and the urgent need for balance, between humans and the usage of natural resources. As we have started a massive destruction and abuse of its resources, Nature has started to become ill and in its despair, it will destroy all living beings.
You become a young Nature Guardian apprentice named Sky in a quest that will involve saving Nature, and all humankind from themselves.  Sky must face trials and battles to persuade humankind to live in harmony with Nature.

Game Description


Ecovolution is an innovative and accessible Action Adventure game for the Nintendo DS, which makes extensive use of the stylus and the two screens of the console, introducing a really innovative gameplay and style that guarantees to provide players an unequaled experience.
The game also provides an interesting plot based on a very relevant and current topic, in which the player takes control of a hero who gets involved in a series of ill-fated events where he must start a quest to save the world and protect Nature.

Key Features

Ecovolution has many features that make the game very compelling to a broad range of players of all ages:

  • Concept: The game’s concept is very novel. The history revolves around Nature and the need of balance between Nature and humans.
  • Usability: All the action in the game, which focuses on quick actions and puzzle solving, is controlled using the stylus with a simple to learn and master control system, all of which makes it accessible and challenging for both casual and hard core gamers.
  • Innovative gameplay: The game introduces a totally new gameplay based in context sensitive actions, using only the stylus and making plenty of use of the Nintendo DS features such as the microphone, the before mentioned stylus and of course the two screens.
  • Playability and fun factor: The game has an appealing single player gameplay, in which the main character evolves during the course of the game acquiring new powers (summons) and abilities. The game also has many puzzles that challenge the creativity of players.
  • Replay: Multiplayer mini-quests are unlocked during the single player mode. Up to four players can play at the same time.