Fair Play Labs rocked at Computer Science Week 2015

ConferenceLast week, Fair Play Labs took part of the “Semana de la Computación 2015” (Computer Science Week) at the ITCR (Costa Rica Institute of Technology). Plenty of students attended the “Introduction to Videogames Development with Unity 3D” presentation and demonstration by Fair Play Labs.

 In less than 2 hours, we developed a new game from scratch with 3 different perspectives. After the short tutorial, we held a Questions & Answers session with the attendants.

The presentation was a great experience for us, and also a big motivation for ITCR students, in order to improve the videogames industry in Costa Rica. You can watch the event on YouTube: https://youtu.be/x2D_-JxsjIw (Yes! They had streaming, sorry it’s in Spanish).

2Color Guardians Tournament

 We also had an amazing Color Guardians Tournament – last Wednesday -, where more than 25 participants showed their abilities and challenged their dexterity on the game.

The winner, David Monestel, won a brand new PSVita with a Color Guardians’ free-code. His score is the 3rd best score around the World!

The second and third places (Johan Brenes and Andrés Jiménez) enjoyed free-codes as well.

It was an honor for us to clarify and address any concerns and queries on Unity 3D & Color Guardians. It’s always a great experience to share with Costa Rican new talents. We hope they feel as motivated as we do, ready to move to the next level in entertainment development.

We are looking forward to next year’s event!


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