Fair Play Labs participation in Game Developers Conference and Game Connection 2016

GDC 2016

Last March, we had the chance to be a part of the greatest video game event in the world: Game Developers Conference and Game Connection, and basically, we had a blast!


So many talented and passionate people gathered in one place made these events an incredible experience not just to learn a lot about the industry, but to recharge energies and want to continue growing up.


All the talks were quite useful, we realized there are still many tools we haven’t taken advantage of, how competitive the video games industry is and how the “technology democratization” has allowed the creation of more video games with higher quality levels.

“GDC is my favorite activity ever, this is my second time attending and it was as cool as the first time. I’m looking forward to going next year.”

                                                                  Emilio Monge, Developer.



Humble people sharing their knowledge, the same people we admire from all around the world, teach us that it doesn’t matter how big or “indie” your studio is, it’s effort that counts and all of us are capable of doing amazing things. There are no excuses.


The market has gotten bigger and people are willing to support independent games, which is nice because it paints a good future for studios with creativity and passion.


Networking was really helpful, as well. Social activities were so much fun, we would like them to last longer, though. 🙂


Since video game development in Costa Rica is in its teen years, all the techniques and “tips” we received by highly performing colleagues, help us improve as a whole country, and we were so proud of representing Costa Rica there.


We, as a country, still have lots to offer in the market, and we want to show it and share it with the world. Once both conferences were finished, we were so anxious to start working!



In the Game Connection event, we were nominated in the “Storytelling” category with our on-development game: “Our Heritage”. The game aims to create awareness of the causes and effects of climate change. It’s a project funded by the French-German Cultural Fund and is created thanks to the partnership between the Fair Play Labs Team and the Libertad Park Center for Technology and Visual Arts (CETAV),


We really want to congratulate “The Last Word” by Fourth State, which was the award winner.


See you soon and let’s keep on working!




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